Bright Eyes.

Bright eyes
Are you there.
To drag me
From my chair.
To dance
On the wings
Of a song.
Our kisses sweet and long,
Wait to fly.
Bright eyes
This Jack Horner
Is on a corner,
Waiting for you.
To breeze by.
Bright eyes
Will I dare to capsize
In the pool
Of your eyes.
Look for the flare
That shoots so high
In your skies.
If you're the prize
Then I'm the winner.
You can't stop a sunrise.
Let's start with a dinner
For two.
We'll smooch and sit
Til the moon
Turns blue.
Give me a clue.
With your giggles
And sighs.
Your shoe fits
- What a surprise!
Your prince is finally here.
Bright eyes.
Draw me so near.
Let love
Sweep us both
From the pier.
To float on the ocean
Sparkling diamond white.
To merge
In the surf.
As one
To excite.
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Jan 14, 2013