Beginning And End.

In my beginning is my end.
My shadow
Falls between fantasy
And reality.
As love dies
Not with eruption
But a whimper.
That cries from me
On a grey afternoon.
In this winter of emotion
I am numb.
Like a madman
Beating a drum.
As women go and come.
Inner pandemonium.
Played sweetly on harmonium.
With the fragments
I have saved from my ruins
I will build another castle in the air.
And romance,
With all it's doings
Can fly its flag from there.
As I play her hair
Like whispered music.
That silken harp
Dares to sing.
As bells pealing
Are only heard
In lonely lanes.
Where knights in shining armour
Lost their reins.
In my end is my beginning.
My hopes
Fall between fantasy
And the garden wall.
As I cannot bear
Reality too much.
So I choose to fly
In a dragon's fire.
Or lie
With notes
From an angel's lyre.
Both antidotes
For love's black choir.
That sings in the heart
Of a fool.
No more
Golden rule.
Just the silver wings
Of escape.
And remaining tickertape
Left after the grandest show.
To litter
The memory
Of long ago.
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Jan 14, 2013