From Cradle To Grave.

My head loses
When my heart cruises,
Then inevitably bruises.
Where love is concerned
It's your breath
You should save.
I've crashed and burned
Fro the cradle to the grave.

Ruled by emotion
On deep devotion.
I swallow every potion
That Cupid may leave.
I wear a smile on my face
And my heart on my sleeve.
Live and let live!
You may ponder and stall.
But I want to give
All or nothing at all.
If people never feel,
They have nothing left to steal.
And love can never be bought.
So don't resort
To being clever.
I was taught
It's now or never.
I will
Crank it up on the freeway
One fine day.
I'll ride the valley of death
Singing my swan song
The 'you and me ' way.
With my heart above my head.
As I take my last breath
I will whisper
'I love you, come to bed'
From the cradle
To the grave
My heart has bled.
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Jan 14, 2013