My Sweetest Pain.

Wrap around me.
Let's do some kissing.
While passion is hissing
Behind our door.
We will explore
With tongues of fire.
A sexual tension
Walks the wire.
And juices mingle.
As bodies tingle
Like a candle in the night
Right through my soul.
I'll be yearning
To rock and roll
With you again.
My sweetest pain.

Taste me
Let's stretch the bow.
Before my arrow
Is released.
And low.
A devil moon not yet deceased.
Are your words
To excite.
Our skin is shared as one tonight.
I need to feel
Your eager bite.
All over.
Wet and warm.
This Bossa Nova
We perform,
A roll in clover
Through a storm.
That just won't quit.
You scratch my back
As all our peaks are hit.
Our dam must burst
To quench our thirst.
In breathless motion
We mix our potion
Once again.
Tomorrow night
Turn out the light
My sweetest pain.
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Jan 15, 2013