Rain In The Heart.

Desire spoken
In the rouge of her cheek.
The sun awoken
As she smiled.
Leaving only starlight to speak,
As drifting flute beguiled.
What orchard could bear such fruit
As the sweetness of her lips.
So wild.
Like wine,
The notes she sips
Taste of blissful hue.
As candlelight grew
Within her eyes.
To inflame my heart.
With her burning seas,
Breathing butterflies
To where love will start.
Fanned by breeze
With sighs,
To far away islands.
Lit in wonder
By shepherd moons.
Leading their romantic tunes
To shelter under.
Before kisses depart.
And love letters burn.
As skies of blue
-To rain in the heart.
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

With these few words, let joy fills your heart. With these kisses, let love fills your heart. With these hugs, let warmth fills your heart. Keep all them close to you and never let it rain in your heart......:))