Valentine Blue.

Valentine blue
I am the echo of you.
Our souls have never touched.
And yet, our hands have clutched
The same empty sky.
Panning for gold
At rainbows end.
Flares from the heart
With every prayer we send,
Fizz and die.
But I will find you
So please don't cry.
As stars will lead me
To the music of your sigh.

Valentine blue
You are the maiden for me,
So true.
Your dreams are laden
With flowers,
Where dew
Captured our footprints.
On a camomile lawn.
As our breath was drawn
From the sea.
Giving birth to our harmony.
Feel our dawning,
As shadows will flee.
One new morning
We will be free.
So please don't cry.
Because you will find me
Under the sun.
That made a promise to the moon.
To play a duet
When our eyes have met.
In the colours
Of a perfect tune.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

i've been doing busy things, flitting here and there on the internet forgetting to check up on my favorite EP poet. Another very nice piece.