As I look into your eyes, I see the pain you hide
Everything not going your way, you chose your side
Your words I don't miss and definitely not your detest
Someday you will feel the pain that will never rest
The world still turns as the green grass still grows
You will soon be forgotten as sure as the wind blows
As I look into your eyes, I'm setting myself free
Free from the prison, the prison you will soon see
Years from now, when I hear about your dejected demise
My ears will fall deaf to your pleads, lies, and cries
on this fading chapter of my life, I finally slam shut
If you ever have a problem, I'll pretend to care, somewhat


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2 Responses May 18, 2009

your poetry, i want to know?

again.. so sad..<br />
<br />
but very good poetry!