Life Loves Music

Three little birds

Sang me to sleep last night

They told me

It will all be alright

Like rain on sunday morning

Stealing covers

Sharing skin

You make the mood that i'm in

So with or without

To have or have not

Doesn't matter

Not at all

It's not an act

It's not a game

Cuz to me

It's all the same

So I keep three little birds

Chillin on my shoulder

I'll tell you how it went

When I get older

Somehow bolder

Somehow strange

Either way I'll be ok

So if boys fall out

And Gym Class isn't saved

I'll be there

To say

It's all ok

I have a death cab for you


So sign on the dotted line

If you want to panic at the disco

With me and my birds

We'll get city high

5'5" with brown eyes

Smile like the sunrise

Gimmie a surprise

My paramore

We can eat tacks for breakfast

Laugh at the faces in the hall

But when it all falls down

It's me you can call

I'll Avenge you


Cuz I know how it is

I hate the rain

On my window too

Really you're just like me

Really i'm just like you

Some modest mice told me

the ocean breaths salty

I know it's true

HesitantlyHopeful HesitantlyHopeful
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010