Hot Sex On Vacation

Hot night on vacation with my sweet wife
I travel frequently for work, and recently I
> arranged for my wife our 23 years to join me,
> piggybacking a brief vacation on top of one of my
> business trips. With a months advance planning, I
> had posted a personal saying where we would be in
> case we might invite a gentleman to join us for a
> special night. She has a couple of friends she sees
> (most often together with me, but occasionally on
> her own when I'm traveling; I listen in by cell and
> that's an incredible turnon!) from time to time at
> home. We got a response from Jim, who wrote well and
> sent both a smiling face pic and an impressive nude
> action shot apparently taken by another grateful
> hubby.
> After chatting with Jim a few times she was still
> unsure as to whether she would go through with
> meeting him (she's fairly content with her active
> sex life now). We had a very pleasant few days
> before the night we were to tentatively meet. I did
> my best to downplay any pressure for her to 'put
> out' if she did agree to meet; emphasizing that the
> final decision would be hers. Eventually she agreed
> to meet under these conditions, and I was thrilled
> to say the least.
> As she got ready the night we were to meet I
> reminded her that it wouldn't be necessary to wear
> panties on such an occasion. She is a classy lady so
> it took some finesse to convince her to do anything
> bold or the least bit slutty; but she reluctantly
> agreed to go without underwear under her just above
> the knee length skirt. Her bodice gave a nice view
> of her alluring cleavage (at 50, she still turns
> heads!).
> At the time we were to meet I was unable to reach
> our 'friend' by cell, which was odd since we had
> spoken earlier that day... so we decided to go to a
> bar and watch a sporting event in which one of our
> teams from back home had made the national finals. I
> was trying to hide my major disappointment that Jim
> had apparently blown us off, but as soon as we left
> the hotel we got a call from 'Jim' saying he had
> been on call and called into work on an emergency
> and had just gotten off; and he was enroute to the
> hotel. We figured out a place to rendezvous, and met
> about 20 minutes later. We made our introductions
> and got a table for 3.
> After a couple rounds of drinks the converstaion was
> progressing nicely. We learned of a nearby karaoke
> club (a hobby he and I shared) so we decided to stop
> by for a quick song. The seat on our rental car had
> been bothering my wife so I encouraged her to ride
> with Jim to the other club, and happily she agreed.
> The place was nice, we each sang a song (he was a
> talented singer on the Al Green song he selected);
> then we had to decide the balance of the evening. My
> lovely wife agreed to ride with him, following me
> back to the hotel (a 20 minute drive). I later
> learned that he had been touching her thighs
> discreetly while at the club.
> After a quick stop for gas, we proceeded to the
> hotel. I wondered what was happening in the car
> behind me (I later learned that she had blamed me
> for putting her up to going without panties; and he
> took full advantage of that situation by skillfully
> caressing her ***** all the way back to the hotel).
> When we arrived and headed up to the room they were
> holding hands, which I took as a sign that we were
> in for a passionate evening.
> Once in the room we opened a nice bottle of wine we
> had gotten earlier that day from a local vineyard,
> and it was delicious. She had warned me not to begin
> to undress her too soon, but they were kissing and
> caressing in no time at all. Soon he undressed her
> and began eating her sweet ***** with great skill
> and wild arousal. She appreciated his technique and
> moaned in orgasmic pleasure. Between his mouth and
> his hands she was squirting her ***** in volcanic
> multiple climaxes, finally reaching for his **** the
> reciprocate. They went 69 for the next 5 minutes, a
> beautiful sight to see from my 3 feet away vantage
> point. I forgot to mention Jim is black, and the
> sight of his **** disappearing into her mouth and
> throat while he ate her to countless ******* was
> really thrilling.
> For the next hour we took turns, but mostly I
> watched this master cocksman service my lovely wife
> with incredible skill. I've seen her in many
> passionate situations, but this was beyond compare.
> He would lick, then thrust his 8" **** deep in her
> *****, alternately teasing and making her ***. After
> an hour he shot a huge load in her hot *****,
> afterwhich she tried to suck him off, but he was out
> of ammunition! We had to take sheets from the other
> bed to sleep that night; her squirting ******* had
> COMPLETELY soaked the bed!
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The dream we all dream of...

What a great time you guys must of had, would love to find couple like you.