I'd like to sleep, only every time i try, I'm sucked into this reality of force, imagery, realness... All that happens, I feel so lost, i can smell everything there, feel it, see it. Its cruel most of the time.. what I see.. I'll feel like i'm yelling for help.. clawing at anyone by my side to wake me up.. but it just keeps going..I'll open my eyes... they wont open for long.. then just the same thing.. new story. same numbness.. tightness... only the things that happen are different.. its ******* with my head, i wake up feeling as if something terrible is going to mind still feels blank.. numb.. this really needs to ******* end..

I've had this for years now, but only the last two months or so there's the visions, smells, realness? This so called second life....Its no longer seeing me moving, or my room having things in it that aren't there.. this is like. full on dream.. but it feels just like reality.
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I used to have REALLY BAD social anxiety disorder but it got better, but in all of acuteness of those panic attacks man NOTHING compares to the feeling of waking up with 6 aliens in the room trying to take you off into nevermore and body ****** you Hands down the ******* SCARIEST ******* **** EVER but then you wake up and it's like OMG SOLID GROUND OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Hahahahahahait's Awful. Like the since of acute fear.I've never....In my entire life...Panic attacks have NOTHING on that.

OMFG you too? so we have night visitors together!

I too have these. It keeps me from sleep. This is the most cruel and evil experience. I have drank almost everyday for the past 15 years to escape this and other experiences I deal with during the day. I try to get sober as alcohol effs up my life. But the more sober I get. The crazier I am. And the more my dreams terrorize me.... Wicked cycle

Try to learn not to be afraid. Remember, it's all in your mind and nothing bad can happen. Try to have the presence of mind to remember that next time it happens. Our brains all produce DMT (dimethyl tryptamine) when we dream. this is the most potent halucinogen known to mankind.During sleep paralysis your body simply falls asleep before your brain so you experience this consciously. Don't be afraid and just close your eyes and go with it, it can be an incredible experience. I have read that if you just go with it and can take it far enough you can have an out of body experience. I haven't acheived this but I've had a few truly awesome experiences aside from the terrifying ones.

Yes, I've had this for years now too and the only way i've found to deal with it is to let it go, don't fight it, relax your limbs and let it flow wherever it wants to take you. After it's run it's course you'll drift back to sleep and wake when you do. I found it terribly scary to force myself out of the state, so if you can't beat em, join em ;)

I'd stopped panicking whenever this happens and relax.. so it turned into lucid dreaming, and most of the time I let go and control bits of pieces that I don't like.. Now I just don't remember any of it... I finally have normal dreams...

It will be okay.... If you can sleep a little bit without having the paralysis, it might go away... It normally happens to me when I have had several days of not enough sleep.. and nothing helps... except for letting go.... which is hard to do when you are panicking... but that is the easiest way I have found... fighting it makes it last longer...makes it worse, more intense... I know what is like to be immobile.. to scream and not be heard.. it sucks.... and the noise.. it is so loud... too loud... <br />
My problem is that no one believes me... not even my family... they tell me it was a dream, but it is too real.. and there are days that I worry that I won't get up, because I can't... I told my doctor, and my symptoms.. they tested me for strep throat because I happened to have a sore throat that day...<br />
The visions... they are bad... Whenever I first wake up... I assume that I am still dreaming.. because I have trouble discerning reality from illusion.... Once I thought a person was laying beside me... they were not... another time... I saw 2 people get out of my roommates bed.. I had to ask later to make sure that it actually happened...<br />
And my dreams are starting to feel more like reality.. Everyday I wake up and I am confused.... I have to readjust..