Unsure: Sp, Lucid Or Obe Please Read And Help

For about 6 months now I have had some strange stuff going on and I have been top to bottom with Google trying to find what suits the situation best. Most close I get is SP. So I want to share it to the best I can explain and get peoples input. I saw the age group of this site and group is out of the tween relam of living the tv show supernatural so I figured it might be a good place:
Ok so here it goes, I fall asleep now my life is crazy I work full time in a high stress job and I am also a single mom so when I rack out I am out. Mostly it starts as like my body tingles like when your foot falls asleep but a bit more gentle. Then I am aware or I am dreaming I am aware, I see my room and it is like I am viewing through Night Vision Goggles, its green hued and a bit fuzzy. I find myself floating like no gravity but I dont want to go with it, I know I am scared, I dont feel "right or good" about what is going on. I am open to Lucid and have been lucid before but this is different, this feels evil and if I go with the flow then I am saying OK to whatever it is to have control or I have opened a door for whatever this is. Also too when I fight it is like I am in the carnival ride the Gravitron, it is a struggle. I wake myself up and then the next day I am exhausted, I hurt, I am tired. I really feel like I got into a fight or something sucked my energy out.
So anyone reading this tell me, am I having a SP, Lucid gone wild or OBE and with the negative force to it should I be concerned?
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Sounds like all of the above. I wanted to induce a sp so i could have an OBE but I was told not to mess with it. I don't if its spiritual or scientific, all I know its a very traumatizing experience.

I've had something incredibly similar. I meditate a lot, and one of ny early methods was trying to Astral Project. I had done it at least twice before I was even aware of what was really happening or that such a thing existed. That being said, I began researching it and trying to do it on command. One night, I simply went to sleep without any attempt (i find it's easier to focus at night, so it became a habit before bed to meditate). I woke up suddenly an hour or so later because my mind sensed something wrong or strange. As I gained slight consciousness I found myself trapped. I couldn't move my body more than a twitch, like i was being pressed down upon by something MUCH stronger. I sensed it was a negative entity, very dark and not within my understanding. After struggling for roughly 10 minutes or so, it lessened its hold and I laid motionless in fear of inciting its presence again. I didnt sleep for an hour or so, I was just so shaken.

After much debate the next few days, I decided what happened:
I was so used to expanding my conscious out of my body that I developed an openness to enter and leave my body with more ease. In sleep, I had left myself vulnerable and a demon tried to possess my body. It very nearly succeeded, but I was able to hold onto my body just enough to keep a struggle for dominance.

I'm a student of our world, and I strongly believe in multiple dimensions, vibrational energies, etc. I think our modern concept of demons in religion has been based on a misconception from a lack of understanding during early history. To my knowledge, a demon is a creature from the second dimension, a lowly and more crude realm of existence. In this understanding, when a 2-dimensional being enters our third-dimension existence, it becomes obscured and seemingly irratic. Just as we can enter higher dimensions, perhaps so could a lower being. The plane of existence that we live in is unnatural to a second-dimensional being, and therefore they must manifest in our world by assuming our forms. Since matter cannot self-create, this means a demon must find a host-body.

Take a priest or cleric from the dark ages: how else can they explain this phenomena other than to call it a demon, and an evil being from Hell? It covers the concept that this entity comes from a lower existence (though not physically), that it is bad or evil (but we can understand that to be crude or unrefined, making it unnatural to us, and anything unnatural was considered evil), and that it possess you to do strange things (...that's kind of on point, not gonnq sugar-coat it lol).

So, that's my idea. I believe you can have an OBE by way of astral projection, and that left you vunerable to possession from a being of simpler form. Are demons evil, fire-breathing monsters? I don't know, but this is my understanding of what occurred to you and I.

I do suffer from migraines so maybe. It thank god has been about a month since the last one the main thing I dont like is the way I feel in the dream and the exhaustion when I wake up. Im a single momma and these dreams kick my butt more than my 2 year old