I Figured Out How To Beat Sleep Paralysis

I have had sleep paralysis as a teenager and young adult. It was an every night occurrence most of my teen years but I never told anyone. I became so stressed out that I began to lose weight. I became depressed because my body could not get the necessary sleep it needed and I began to fear sleeping. In my sleep paralysis state I encountered many entities but I will call them demons because I was actually told by one entity that it was a demon. I was not raised in church, and my family was not religious but I knew it was some sort of spiritual conflict. Growing up, I mainly only dealt with one demon. It was not violent but very sexual in nature. It groped me while I was paralyzed. I can remember small details like when it got on the bed, the bed would sink down, I could feel it moving close, and it normally moved up from the back (I sleep on my side), and touched me inappropriately.

Fast forward, I joined the military, moved to Virginia and had not experienced SP for many years. This is where things get weird. I call my mom one day and she puts me on hold. When she gets back on the phone she doesn't sound like herself. I asked her what's wrong and she says she hasn't been feeling good. I ask her why. She hesitates to tell me at first so I have to keep asking her questions then (pardon my french) Sh*t got real. She goes: "I've been having these nightmares." I freeze because I automatically sense her fear and I have a strange feeling inside.

She goes on, "I wake up and it's like I'm still in the bed but I can't move or scream. Then this thing starts getting on the bed and it's like touching me and feeling on me. I don't know if I'm going crazy or what." I immediately tell her I know what it is and I tell her about my experience with it. For some reason, her phone keeps hanging up on me and she has to keep calling me back (so I'm obviously freaking out).

My mom has sp for a few months and then it stops but I begin having it in VA. It was really scary to have it in Virginia because I'm thinking, "Damn, I thought this could only bother me in PA." It was the same one from PA, I can always tell. Things started getting strange in VA next because two of my friends that slept over my house experienced it. They were afraid to sleep over my house. One was afraid to sleep alone even at her own house because she said she had never experienced such a realistic nightmare.

I also experienced something else strange in VA. Sleeping over a friends house I experienced something terrifying. I was sleeping in the bed of a male friend (I'm a female). He's just a friend but he has told me in the past that he has had feelings for me. Anyhow, I go into sp at his house and I experienced a demon I have never encountered. It was so strong it literally was pulling me off the bed. It had it's claws in my body and it was dragging me toward the edge of the bed. I screamed out for Jesus to help me and I immediately awoke. I was so afraid that I got up and opened all his blinds in his room to let the outside light in. I then began praying out of fear. Immediately after praying I felt a calm and my friend woke up screaming. Apparently his leg had fell between the bed and the wall as I was praying. So yeah that was freaky.

Anyhow, this experience was one of the first that I began to experience demons that were not (I guess mine). I moved to Hopewell, VA with my roommate and I experienced many different demons in that place. I have experienced 3 demons having a conversation right in front of me as if they don't see me there. I can even tell the differences in their voices. I began to go to church and was even saved (crazy experience and long story). After I began reading the bible and believing in Jesus I learned 2 things that were very interesting about my sp experience.

1. When I showed no fear, and instead showed anger I was able to free myself from being paralyzed.
2. After freeing myself, if I grabbed the demon and said, "I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth" I would immediately and abruptly wake up.

I've ran into a few demons that didn't let me out of sp right after saying it so I would recite more. I would say, "I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I bind you, burn you, destroy you, and send you straight to the pits of hell for all eternity." I promise you guys, you can sense their fear. Their fear either comes from Jesus' name or your unwillingness to be fearful of them. Either way, you will awake abruptly.

I don't know if me being saved or believing in Jesus has anything to do with them being afraid of me but my instincts tell me it does. I don't know if these demons have given up on me or what but I have not experienced sp for some years now. I truly hope this helps someone.
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I have recently been searching for people on EP with sleep paralysis. I am happy to hear you are saved. I had my last episode a few nights ago, and my friend suggested that I pray each night for God to help me with this problem before I go to sleep. Why I hadn't thought of it I don't know. I am a Christian with a strong faith. I have never had SP with a devil or an entity so I consider myself lucky in that respect. I have read some other posts and feel sorry for those who are being attacked by the dark side. SP is bad enough in and of itself. I'm sure you have helped others with your story.

How could words come out of your mouth?
I cannot move my lips and my vocal cords are restrain when this sp happens. I have yelled gods name forcefully and with all the stenght that I could gather and still this won't leave me.
It has hump me
Haunt me
Talked to me in the most horrific sound
And now it is casting me away and using my family voices to confuse me
I dunno what to do nothing works
I have tried good sleep and moving my eyes left and right hoping for the rapid eye movement to make it cease
But it keeps coming back

Thanks for sharing! In the past I used to struggle to get free or tell whatever it is to go away in Jesus' name, but recently a friend told me about how he heard you could rebuke them to the abyss (through Jesus) and it will get them to stop the scare tactic all together. A day after he told me I had sp and tried it out. Now, something tells me I wont be having much of an issue with sp in the future. I second you on "Their fear either comes from Jesus' name or your unwillingness to be fearful of them. "

You are either a schizophrenic or psychotic. Another reason for your delusions could be a combination of sleep deprivation + stimulant use, most likely amphetamines. I'm not sure if it is Methamphetamine or just an amphetamine such as Adderall. You were raped and molested as a child, and your friend wasn't sleeping as you prayed her was trying to do the deed with you. You're crazy and need help..

Well you can add me to that list then

I have experienced SP too, and I am Muslim btw, but it's not jesus who makes you wake up or scare those demons out, it's your willpower, i use my willpower and struggle until i am freed from SP. And belive me using islamic words make them disappear veeery fast :)

wow thank you for sharing your story. i've had some interesting experiences with sp as well.