Reptilian In Disguise?

In the beginning I began to hear ascending and descending, loud electric vibrational sounds that I've never heard before, hearing voices and other things too that is hard to explain.
At one point I heard footsteps coming from my bathroom and sounded like keys rattling with it. I couldn't move to see what was coming to the side of my bed when I saw someone put a bottle of Jack Daniels on my chest (weird). I saw his face and it was one of my friends looking at me (which explains the Jack Daniels because he likes whiskey). I tried calling his name but was paralyzed.He walked to the corner of my room and then turned around.
His eyes where yellow, almost lizard like and glowing as he was standing across my room staring at me and smiled. Right when I forced myself to call his name out he disappeared.
aries90405 aries90405
1 Response Jan 22, 2013