I Went Through A Period Of Sleep Paralysis But Then It Stopped

It was about 3 years ago and happened regular for around 5 months. It was in the spring/summer time when it was light nights and thankful really it didn't happen in the depths of winter. It was scary though. It was mainly when falling asleep. I would hear buzzing in my ears,followed by the sound of voices that were laughing and saying things I couldn't understand mainly. Sometimes I would hear some horrible voice say something.nasty. I was often pulled out of my body and felt like I was spinning around the room and then just dropped. I would try to fight whatever it was. Punching out and kicking and that's when I was dropped back on the bed eventually. On the occasions when it happened on waking I felt like I had woken normally. My eyes opened and could see in the room. There was a feeling of a presence though and heard talking. A couple of times I felt something climb in to the bed. I couldn't move at all. It felt real and like I was awake. I was confused at first but after research found more info on it. At the time I was afraid every night to go to bed,although sometimes it would happen in the afternoon when taking a nap. It wasn't happening every night but about 2-3 times a week. I ended up sleeping in the lounge with lights and radio on. After about 5 months it seemed to become more milder and I could bring myself out of it when I heard any buzzing in my ear. The it just stopped altogether. No more problems with it since but I still get a bit edgy at night when it comes to sleep time.
Ravenreed Ravenreed
51-55, M
Jan 29, 2013