I I sleep on my back it's almost guaranteed to happen. One particular time I laying in bed I felt like I was awake but knew I was sleeping. I was looking around my room and it was my dark room how it was in the present. I heard someone I'm the kitchen over the balcony doing dishes. I thought who is that mom? Next thing I knew is I heard and felt whoever it was coming up the stairs I realized it was no one in my family and began to freak out. I kept trying to wake up but I was frozen my arms were dead. Next thing I know he is by my bed saying look at me and I kept my eyes closed trying to wake up. Finally I broke out if it and it was like
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Had one last night!! Terrifying to even talk about it. Though, i have been reading a book about how sp can actually be a gateway to astral projection and even on this site is proof that I'm not facing it alone. Lately, i have also developed a sense of understanding and i don't fear as much as i used to. Im looking forward to my next experience. Ut wont be easy, but i must learn to face my fears and overcome it.

I didn't realize it but all three times it has happen to me I was laying on my back, do you know if that has any medical significance?

A tension was cut.

Dang hit send too soon oh well.