Dedicates To U Only

I am in love with you..
I am in love with your presence
I am in love with your silence..
I am in love with your each and everything
Even I am in with your temper too..:)

Before few months you were a total stranger
I had no clue who you are
Gradually you becomes a part of my life
And it has gone to that extent
I am scared without you I will no be able to alive….

You are my angel,you are sent by God
To hold me tightly,to support me totally
How can I turn my face from you
When I am thinking all the time only and only about you

I have never thought in my life
I would fall in love with some stranger
Now who really cares,about who you are
Whatever you are you are only and only and only mine
I want to love you each second,each minute,each hour
Through out this year,next year and next year
Actually forever..:)

But the saddest part is ,you are still a stranger to me
Please I beg you, come to me
Gift me the happiest day of my life
Don’t play this hide and seek game anymore,don’t stay away from me
We don’t know about tomorrow
If I die tomorrow ,give me the reason to die peacefully
Understand my love sweetheart
Please come and let me tell you..
I LOVE YOUuuu…..
tuli007 tuli007
Sep 12, 2012