Nobody knows how to handle death. No words to comfort a friend who just lost the person they love. Only Prayer went by.
My sister lost 2 of her 3 children. The first one(3 y/o boy) died 3 weeks before the last one(3 months girl).
It was tough. with all the pain she went through before losing her kids, i can say that shes the strongest woman ever live on earth.
Im proud of her and everybody was quite surprise on how she still manage to smile while talking about her children's death.
The boy was a perfect kid. Born as a perfect baby. maybe its cuz he was too perfect that he doesnt belong in this world, we believe. The doctor detected an unknown cell in the kid's body and we tried everything , even chemotherapy. but the truth is, nobody knows about the cell. they dont know about the cancer they said its almost like Neuroblastoma cancer. (sorry if i spell it wrong. not quite sure) but that usually occurs in people aged 45++ and the mysterious part is, he kept on losing his Red Blood cell, White blood cell and even his platelets. The hospital is almost like our second home. we even tried the traditional method. In conclusion, The Doctor was Giving up, We tried everything, and He died. He was a strong kid. Not being able to walk or talk but still able to call our name during his last seconds. He doesnt look like a normal kid anymore.
Even more sad, 3 weeks later, only in 24 hours the baby girl got fever, and then died. Maybe she was fated to be with his brother.

This story i tell, is to let everyone else who's experiencing the same thing, that you're not alone. On how my sister and our family kept our strength, just ask. Remember, it's all fated to be the way it is. That's just life and it goes on.
iraaffandee iraaffandee
Dec 3, 2012