Move On, More Will Come.

This is a story about me. I’m not expecting anyone to understand this. But please, feel it. This is a story when and where I learn to appreciate, to love, to care, to work hard, and best of all, to know better. Not just more. But Better.
It all started with this one simple, charming guy. Well. Let this be a mystery. Nobody needs to know his name, but what he is and the way he made me feel, everybody must feel, and this time, understand.
And so, I broke up with the one I thought was the love of my life. I wouldn’t even dare to call him stupid, but hey he’s a total jerk. Obviously, I was stupid and kind enough to actually stood by him and not knowing what’s worth my tears and time. I’m glad god sent him to me because if It wasn’t because of him, maybe I wouldn’t appreciate this one perfect guy I’m with right now.
We’ve been together for almost 2 years. It was beautiful I can tell. But it was. Until he change his mind. But it wasn’t a big deal for me. Because, as for me, when I’m in a relationship I would love him with all my heart, but for me to get over it and move on, is easy too. I can say, its easy come and easy go for me, but I believe it’s not for this one. This great guy.
The only reason why I accepted him in the first place was because, the only thing I had in mind: If I let him go, I might miss something big. : I knew he could give me more than I wish. And he did.
Once I cried while I was on the phone with him. Because it seems like, I was thinking, why the heck did I stayed with that jerk. This guy right here appreciates me. Tell me im pretty and beautiful, kind and smart and how much he loves me very much. And some people don’t like that. But hey who to fool, I do very much indeed. I cried several times realising what a jerk I was to actually think about that stupid relationship I had. And sometimes I do wish it was still him, but then I cried again thinking what this simple guy has made me feel, it’s a dream come true.

Now, what i learn here is, Just because you love someone the longest, doesnt that the love is true. Sometimes, Knowing someone at best is what leads you to the love that lasts.
iraaffandee iraaffandee
Dec 4, 2012