My Way Of Saying It

Well, im so interested in the topic of : Moving on

Moving on might not always be easy. just look at taylor swift. she fell in love like 1000th times but still find it hard to move on. Correct me if im wrong.

But my term of moving on is not when you can totally forget the person.
For me, Its when you have a thought about the memories, the person, all the times, all the promises but still able to smile and keep it to your self.
Also its when you finally can go to sleep even after you saw him or her looking so good on the street. Its when you sometimes wish he or she were here but you dont NEED. Sometimes what you want is not what you need.
In conclusion, my terms of moving on is when you let them stay in your lives, but you keep your life going without them haunting your future just because they were in your past.
Sometimes, to know whats worth our breathe takes a lot more than just a heart break. It takes a lot more than just crying and not being able to go to sleep at night.
It takes a special something. Not just someone. But something.
Its not always someone you just met. It could be you Mother, your father, your siblings, your best friend or God.
But it could als be someone who lives down the street.
Give your self a chance. Let it breath. the time that past just let it rest. dont keep it running. Put your self down the market. Raise up your head. LIVE
Dont let anybody have your happiness in their hands. Its you. if you think you cant move on, you cant live, its also because of You. So, Love.
iraaffandee iraaffandee
Dec 5, 2012