Teenage Fatherhood Is An Endless Disaster

I met my wife while still in high school. We had so many connections, both subtle and obvious. We dated through graduation, and after we entered our first year of college, we got pregnant. We were 18 when my first daughter was born. I found a great job, and we bought a house. We ha our second daughter, sold the first house, moved to a larger home, and had my third daughter. My wife and I were 21 with three beautiful girls, a great home, a great life, and that is when I lost my job and my life has been four going on five years of absolute garbage. I sought work, we moved twice. We were going bankrupt, I could not sell my house. My wife demanded we try to save it, it failed, we went thru years of stress and worry. I started going to school against her wishes trying to finish college to get a better
job. Then finally 18 months ago after I became ill for several
weeks, we had an argument and she took the kids and all of our money and left me. She returned a couple months later, left the kids with me after she had spent the thousands we had, then moved 500 miles away. She lives in near poverty and no matter what I do, she shows me no compassion, let alone affection. I went months without hearing from her. It is more like weeks time to time now. I have to
nag her just to make any contact with our kids. She blames me for ruining her life as she says, yet she will not even contact her own family. She missed her sisters wedding. I am in my mid 20s with three kids, most of my friends are just starting their careers, some are getting married. Some are enjoying their 20s. I am so alienated from all of them. If anyone is out there in their teens, please do not have kids young. Omg I cannot tell you how wonderful I thought my life would be at this point. At 19 I saw a great life for myself and my wife and family. Omg I cannot tell you how everyday is just suffering now that I am at a point where I am a single parent trying to care for three kids with a deadbeat mother/wife, spending most of my time working. Most of the women my age are all focusing on their own things, no one single or with kids wants a guy with kids, let alone 3. Whatever you do folks, please, enjoy your life, stay in school. Take care of yourself, build up your career before you even think about marriage or family. My kids are very precious and lovely, but overall my life is hell. Hopefully this gets the attention of someone out there and makes a difference.
EndlessDisaster EndlessDisaster
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Keep your head up my man! We are only here for 1 purpose and that is to reproduce! Look after your girls, show them all the love you can and you will see nothing is more important than love. Try to find ways to feed yourself and them and clothe etc... Try find another women who is also a single parent as maybe she has the same vision as you, Go to gym, start looking buff a little and make it happen man! Good for you on Looking after your kids, you will see one day they will appreciate it and pay you back with the love you need. Chill out and have a good day as you were able to type your message, some people cant stand or speak or hear so be grateful for the small things!<br />
Stay strong<br />