Please Read & Comment: My Life

I was born at 25 weeks weight 1 pound and 10 ounces i was about 3 months when they released me from the hospital still small leaving the hospital, i was always fed through a tube.. I grew up into a family where no one talked about anything there was never any love always hate and violence at times peace. I was known as the odd child because knowing i was born early there was a lot wrong with me. me & my siblings were taken from my mom but we went to our grandmothers i was not happy always depressed, when my mom got custody of us back i never my life would be hell. im 17 years old now, living with my grandma but knowing i have schizophrenia, i cant cope with that and my depression, i want to be with other people people i dont know, i wonder if i can go into foster care until i turn 18.. these voices tell me to kill all the time, i always resist but i wont for long. i just want to be happy and live a good life
IHatemyselfforhatingme IHatemyselfforhatingme
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Please i need some