I Am Only 15

I am fifteen and I lie to everyone. Everyday. They ask me "Whats wrong?" I say nothing. I say nothing about how I can't do anything without being stupid and an idiot at home. I say nothing about the mother who drank all throughout her pregnancy with me. I don't tell them how my mother's boyfriend touched me and my mother acted like nothing happened. I don't say a word about how my father chooses not to see me because I am not good enough for him. Nothing about how my grandma, the only person who cared about me, died and it's my fault. No words come of my mouth about how my uncle got extermly drunk and crashed into a tree and almost died. Nothing about my sister who got pregnant and gets anything she wants from our mother but I can't even get lunch money from her. How can a person with this many problems still live to the next day. How can a person smile everyday and not show depression. Trust me I ask the same questions everyday woundering if one day I'm going to finally crack. But untill then I am just plain ole me. Going to school everyday and lying to everyone I see
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Jan 7, 2013