My Friend Is Gone For Good

its been a month today...still can't believe ur gone..161
my best guy friend killed him self a month ago today. it gets me more that he killed himself the day after my birthday. i still cant beilive ur gone. every day for the first five minuets of my morning i think ill get to see your smiling face. then i look up at my dresser and see the reminder that you are gone. i want to wake up from this nightmer. i just want you to come back. the night i found out i couldnt hold down any food. i couldnt do anything without thinking about you. every year now i wont care about my birthday cuz all i will think about is that after today is the day you left me.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I know what you're going through.
It's been 7 years since my best friend killed himself. He lived a little while away from me, we spoke on the phone all the time. We made this plan that I would go down to see him for my birthday and we would have pancakes and go camera shopping and a whole lot of little fun things.
Work rostered me on for my birthday. I cancelled our plans.
Then I got a phone call, not long after that he had killed himself. The next time I went down wasn't for my birthday, it was for his funeral.
Every birthday since, I've had pancakes. For him.
It still sucks. But time does make some things easier. I accepted it was true... eventually.
You won't ever forget, but it does get easier.