A Mothers Worest Nightmare.

Well not sure where to start this story. There are so many parts to it. I am a mother of three children. My first two are girls and have the same father. My youngest is a boy from another father. I love my children with every part of my being. Life was going pretty normal for our mixed family life until the girls father got married. Don't get me wrong I was happy for him. It just didn't take to long for me to find out what kind of person he married. She is a very over powering person. She began slowly by talking to me like I was unintelagent. (like I was a child) Then she started to take over the comunication I had with thier father. I kept my opinion to myself as much as I could. When I did say anything I was so polite that most times I would end up just letting it go. I wanted things to be good between us for the kids. Well about a year gos by and thier father and step-mother deside suddenly that they are going to move to another state. This is accuring when the girls are staying with them. I imediatly take the girls back to have them stay with me and tell thier step-mom (because now she is the one who is comunicating with me) that the girls were not going to live that far from me with out me haveing enought time to think about it. After a few months go by thier father calls to tell me that his wife has fallen and hit her head and does not remember anything about her pass up to the point of the fall. I tell him that until she is well that his contact with the girls is limited to phone calls or a few hours at a time in person. I wanted to make sure she was fit to watch the kids. Two yers go by and everything has been ok, not great but ok with all of us. I deside to allow the girls to live with them in the other state for a couple of years. They weren't there for very long when things started to happen. She started yelling at me about how I was with the girls. She stared telling me I was a bad mother. She told the girls that I was a bad mother. It was as if I could do ablolutely nothing right in her eyes even though I took all of her advice and did most of it. Some of it was just her trying to be more supirior than me. Well thats what I have been told resently. Then about a year later my oldest child did something that was completely out of character. We later found out it was a cry for help. She was so scared of her step-mother that she got herself into trouble at school hoping they would send her back to me. Unfortunatly as a responsible parent I could not condone that type of behavor and had no idea what was really going on in that house that I madeher stay there. I didn't want her to think she could do bad things to get her way. I wish I had know what I know now because I would have gotten both of them away from there along time ago. Well as a resault of the problem at school they had to get her counciling. She was doing ok for awhile then I got a message from the step-mother saying that "your little ***** has been telling lies about me to her councilor and they called chilrens services on me". Yes that person cussed at and about my child. I traveled that night to thier home out of state and stayed with them till the next morning for the CPS appointment. While I was there that night I herd her say to me and my sister, who agreed to be there for me, "she never wants that ******* ***** in her house again after the appointment and she can die for all she cares". I telling you it took all my strenght and my sister's to not start a fight with her. After the apppointment while we where on our way home my child told me everything she did and said that her step-mom told her before we got there the night before that if she tells CPS the truth they will take all the kids away and bad things will happen to her little siblings in "the system". So my child told them it was that bad but she really wanted to live with me. After they ivestigated the home for awhile they decided to close the case. You would think that that was the end of it, sorry to say but no. Their father really wanted to do some family things with all of his kids so he asked me if she can stay for a week or two. I said yes but if anything gos wrong to tell me and I will come get her imediately. It was a whole week yet when his wife decided to bash me on facebook. She called me a lier and a lazy person. So I had finaly had enough of her words and I went off in a message on facebook. I lost it I was so upset that I told her if she thinks she can do better than go right ahead I allso told her ggod luck because my child hates her more than I do. I know it was stupid. All I can say is that I was angry and I let it effect my decision making. I also screwed my kids with it to. Trust me I will never let myself down for it and I will regret it for the rest of my life. Anyhoo. About two months go by and I get them for a visit. Niether dad nor step-mom tell me that she has a bruise on her face or how it happened. I get them home and I was watching them brush thier teeth and I saw a huge bruise on her tiny face. I asked her where she got it and she didn't want to tell me. So I asked again the next day and she told me that her step-mother punched her in the face. I asked her Why she thought she did that and she said she didn't know maybe it was because I was taking to long to do my homework. I lost it. I called CPS in my state filled a claim with them and told their dad he had to go back home without the girls. It has been almost nine months and he has not taking this to court, to see them, even thoght he treatened too. I have tried and he has faid to work it out so he can see or talk to them (without his wife ofcourse). She will not let him do anything by himself. There are so many other details in this story but it would take me forever to write it all down. There are also so many things wrong with the way they both are that it woulld also take me forever to write it all down. I have been wanting to share this with people who are not directly involved with it. I am glad I found a private place to do so. Oh and to make everything worse she is my bully and I am afraid of her. She scares me.
redCarebear redCarebear
31-35, F
May 24, 2012