Crazy Little Thing Called..

Someone asked, "What is unconditional love?"... While it saddens me to let anyone down, alas, truth must be told. Unconditional love is a fantasy, as there is certainly no such thing. Each and every one of us has very obvious conditions and/or not-so-obvious conditions that must be met in order to fall in love and stay in love. In fact, "love" of any kind is an idealistic dream that's defined differently by every individual..., if at all, but something must initiate and sustain it.

Pain in relationships comes primarily from having no choice but to assume what others feel, as we are all isolated within our own minds and, sadly, can never truly know what's in another. Assuming that "love" is driven by the same needs or that it feels the same in others is often a devastating mistake, but I suppose we've little alternative but to try.  Odds of winning might be better than lotto...  Though a definition is elusive, the best indicator I've come up with is this simple: Love is wanting to be with someone. The more we choose to be in the presence of someone, the more we love them. Claims of love without a compulsion to touch and communicate are unfounded, so don't let this short life slip away in wait of those who will not reciprocate what you offer.
AnythngIsPossibl AnythngIsPossibl
41-45, M
Apr 26, 2011