I Want To Share My Tips On How To Get Over Depression Naturally

I was diagnosed as being depressed and offered pills and therapy by the doctors who came to see me. i decided i would not take the pills because i've heard it makes the person taking them numb. like they don't feel sad but they don't feel happy either. i just didn't want to be drugged up all the time.

as for the therapy. i had tried that once before and it ends up making me feel worse since the therapist is constantly looking at the clock. that action seems innocent but it's hurtful to me. it reminds me of the truth. that this person doesn't care about my problems they are doing this because it's their job. this is how they make their money. my feelings aren't of any importance to this person. i feel really stupid when i go to a therapist. like i am buying a friend.

SO! this is what i've been doing lately to feel better, and enjoy the simple things in life.

-eating a healthier diet.
i read somewhere that our will to live is lincked to our immune system, so i've been eating healthier things such as fruits, healthy cereal, orange juice, drinking lots and lots of water, taking vitamins.
*drinking alot of water gives me alot of energy. i feel great! i drink it really cold by the way. cold water burns calories too!!!:)

i've been doing 15 min of cardio daily to get the endorphins going;) some crunches, and squats.
*nothing too crazy but enough to break a sweat.

-taking a shower everyday
i know that's a big duh, but if you've been really depressed you know you are not always in the mood to do anything that means taking care of yourself.
*while in the shower i give myself a hug and i tell myself "i love me" "i love myself" "i deserve to be loved and respected by others"

-tend to your body, pamper yourself
what i mean by this is do little things for yourself like for example do your nails (if you are a girl)
do something nice to your hair, (guys) shave a nice goatee, do it yourself though! in that moment you are focused on you, you are caring about yourself:)

-SUN light (get plenty of sun)
make sure to get plenty of sun light daily. atleast 15 min.

-go for a walk
walking in the park always clears my mind. it's really great to get out in nature.

-Set a small yet worth it GOAL!
the reason why i say to go for a small goal first it's because being depressed, makes it hard to stay motivated. setting a small goal for ourselves first is easier to achieve. After we've achieved the first goal the rest will be easier because now we believe in ourselves a bit more.

-check on your feelings
Every 30 min ask yourself "how am i feeling now?" "what am i thinking that is making me feel this way?" if negative, change the thought to something positive.
*check out your forehead, if it's wrinkled and tense then relax that muscle. take a deep breath and hold on to that calmness

-stop, look and listen.
this is something i learned from a book called "the secret of letting go"
*so first stop! stop everything.
look, look at what ever is there, observe it.
listen, listen to your sorroundings
maintain this state, and you'll start to feel happier. because you are no longer thinking about all those things that have you sad.

-self observation
self explanatoryXD watch your every move. pay attention to what you are doing. this helps you live in the now and not in the past or future.

i am still working on it myself. rome wasn't build in a day. life is beautiful we just need to learn to make the best out of it and live in a happy state of mind. best wishes to all.

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3 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I struggle with depression, and have as long as I can remember. I'd like to recommend a book called Man's Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl. It has really helped me stay out of the depression trap and move on with my life.

The Amazon UK link:
The main author is a professor at Oxford University and the benefits have been subject to a lot of scientific research.

All very sensible. Have you encountered mindfulness?

i have before but went back to my old habits now i am working on achieving the state of selfawareness once again. it seems a bit harder the second time around for some reason.

I use it a lot. It helps deal with stress at work and the different, tougher kind of stress at home. I could recommend an excellent book but maybe you have one already.

oh please do. i'm always looking for different self help books.