Pillow Talk

When my wife and i are having sex we often imagine there is a nother **** in the room ...she wants dp and often other times she wants a ***** ...i love the thought of a **** pounding my wife ...like really want to fill all her holes...and im a guy of course a woman in the bedroom is ideal..but lots of talk about her wanting to play with some boobies ...would love for her to play with a certant set of **** ...but cant be the one to start it or bring the girl home ...but want to for fill her fanticy's..but dint know how to start...
Gage6969 Gage6969
26-30, M
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

let us know how it works out

I can help make the fantasy a reality, email me.

great can I see them ?I have several of my wifes naked pics on profile for you to look at if you want.