My Wife Want A Woman To Have Some Fun.

From two years we both couple need a woman on our bed. We both agree on this to have ********* or foursome. My wife don't mind and she's fully supporting my idea. It's her free will and even she want a woman with her. But the problem we don't know how to get a woman who can know our desires. Even if I am not in the picture I don't mind but my wife need some hot and good time with a nice decent woman. I am living in a Kuwait and really can't find someone. We both have great fun talking about a woman if we have one with us. I don't know wheather is right or wrong but we both feel so hot and we want to experience something like that very privately. 

nickbrosnanq8 nickbrosnanq8
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Thank Leopardess2 for your kind reply and for offering your help. I am working here. Where you live? I might visit Germany by end of this year. Thanks once again. I appreciate your help. Can we link up with cyber?