Want My Wife Seduce By Another Woman

I have always been turned on by the idea of my wife being seduced by a yong woman. Ideally we would meet a hot young bi girl early 20's that finds a 40 something woman attractive.

My fantasy is we meet this young woman on the beach at our hotel, and she and my wife begin to talk to each other. After a few drinks and roasting in the hot sun she starts to flirt with my wife. They start to get real friendly and giggle as they talk getting friendlier. Then the young woman removes her top saying she wants to be free to the sun and air. She looks at my wife and says why dont you join me? My wife a shy woman thats never done anything likes this looks around and notices quite a few men staring at her new friend and then she takes a good look at the young ladies breasts. Then her new friends says common, join me you will love it!

Maybe its the sun, the booze, or the thought of exposing herself to strange mens eyes, but she cant resist and removes her top. She feels something stirring within her, she looks around and sees several mens eyes gazing at her friends ****, and then at hers. Its been 20 years of marriage and shes never let anyone see her breasts but me. Now she is being lusted after by strange men and women and finds it very erotic. My wife says to the young friend that she is very pretty, and she responds with a compliment to my wife. She says she finds my wife verty attractive and would like to kiss her. My wife is speechless and the young lady takes command and moves over and kisses her on the cheeck and edge of her mouth. Shes says to my wife, lets get out of here and grabs her hand pulling her from her loung chair and walks her back to her room.

When they get to the room they are both to tipsy or horny to resist and enjoy each other in a hot, intense session. Any young women have that kind of fantasy too?

abigstickinu abigstickinu
41-45, M
Feb 21, 2010