I Want To Share My Wife

I fantasise about sharing my wife with another man.

The trouble is, she won't have none of it. I've told her that I love her very much, and it's because of this that I want to share her, although that's not quite true, because,as I said, it's a fantasy of mine.

She's not interested at all in taking another man, which I don't quite understand. I only have a four inch member when fully erect, and I think she really does deserve something more useful. Mine is the only one she's ever seen, let alone tried.

The last time I mentioned the subject of watching her with another man, she replied that if she was going to have another guy, I wouldn't know anything about it. This was very disappointing.

How can I persuade her? I'm even willing for her to have another guy without me being around, although I'd be happier if I knew the arrangements.

Am I being a control freak? Am I being selfish? Help?

bachiawn bachiawn
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

It's a normal thing for men, only gutsy few acknowledge it on public. The thing is that men are more visual and women more into chemistry to get the stimulation. The sole thought gives us a hard in, doesn't work the same way with women.

The other thing is that making such a suggestion, the first thing a wife thinks is that you are suggesting that so you can fool around yourself.

Hang in there - it takes time. Some women will never cross over to being shared. Others, who really enjoy sex, are more likely to do so. It's a journey of more and more exposure to playful sex, photos, flashing, skinny dipping and so on. I have found it works better when the guy is identified first. maybe she does not know, and you have the conversations with him. Then build the relationship, a new friend to her and a person from your past. Let nature take its course and then begin to inject his name during your own sex - it s only a fantasy while the 2 of you are having sex, but the seeds are planted. Since he knows the plan and you know the plan, and your wife is being wooed (with your encouragement to her), she will be really thinking about giving him a try. That has worked for my wife twice (and she did not know of the early planning) - I'm working on the next guy now.