My First And Last Date Ever!

Posted by mytruthonanysubject Sep 15th, 2010 at 4:10AM

My worst date ever, was with someone from work. We never met but, we spoke to each other almost everyday. We worked for the same company but, in different buildings. Finally, he asked me for a date. I figured after we shared a couple of details about ourselves. I though it was going to be alright. He described himself as handsome ( girls have told him that ), atheletic, and very intelligent. I told him I was average, thin, smart, and that I don't judge people by their looks, but what's inside. I also asked him that lying would get you nowhere. I should have known when he said he was working late and that he would meet me at the bar. The bar was very dark and very secluded. For safety reasons I always told my dates that my girlfriends were going to meet later at the same place. Anyway, I saw this two- hundred pound man, with sweat all over his armpits, face, and hair. I'm over here praying that this guy was not him. I saw him looking and looking all over the place. The guys and girls were watching and probably thinking who he was looking for. I was practically hiding under the table, which everyone else was noticing. But, to no avail he finanlly asked if I was his date. I answered him! Who are you looking for! Stunned and shocked at how big of a liar he was. (I'm Laughing so hard, my glasses are fogging). I get the same results from family and friends (laughter) when I tell the story. I finally said, Yes I'm her. He sat down and knew instantly that he failed his first date with me. He told me that this was the first time that someone actually told the truth to him. Which I know it's a lie. He tried to make me feel sorry for him and I said, sorry! But, your pity is not going to make any difference. I felt so embarrassed and angry with him I couldn't even look at him. He had the nerve to ask if we could start the date all over again. Man! everyone in the bar was cackling and laughing at us, I wanted to get under a rock. He complimented me on my looks and asked me if there was anything good about him. I told him he was a very good liar. The bar started laughing, you should have seen it was so quiet because they wanted to hear everything. When I told him that no! there was nothing else to say to him, he got up and told me. All you skinny girls thing you are all there! And left me paying his bill. The customers at the bar came over and left cash and told me. Thank you for the entertainment. The is a loser, and here are a couple of bucks. Then some of the guys said, that if I was that desperate to give them a call. These guys had already tried to pick me up before my date showed up. That was the first and last date I have ever had.

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wow I'm so sorry that happened luv. people should never lie about who they are. It really does get you nowhere so sad.

I don't know exactly how the bartenders and waitress work it out. One thing I know is that the fool like myself doesn't know any different they will charge. I don't know the rules to charging the customer. That was the last time that I fell for it. They pay as we go, that is my husband now pays for everything. I met him after two years from this fool. To this day it is customary to pay as we go. Even with family members we ask for individual bills. Life is hard dealing with situations like this. You get a invitiation and you don't know if they are paying or you are. You have to claim the status of the invite.

It is the responsibility of the bartender to collect cash immediately if there is no tab started., The bartender should have had to "eat it", not you. Anyhow the guy is a total creep, at least you had the sense to meet in a public place.

I had not choice, he left with me flipping the bill. Have you ever told the bartender that he was responsible when a tab wasn't started. You brought out another bad thought against him. He knew I was going to be dissapointed when he saw me, and he was not going to pay the price for his lies. I never thought of this one. If he was the guy he was the guy he told me he was. Things would have been different. He thought I was lying to him just as he was to me. Thanks for making me feel better. The guy was a true loser, that's why he left me sitting with my mouth open. There is more to the story then I have said above. Maybe later. Thanks for your comment and your insight.

How can the bar hold you responsible for his bill in the first place? That's absurd!!

No kidding and when friends and family tell if they blind date. I tell them no! , and if they still want to, to check him out first. This way noone gets embarrassed.

Isn't it the truth about people. Sometimes blind dates don't work out. Thanks for your response.