Modelling For A Body Paint Art Project

Last night my girlfriend Dee and I had a modelling job for 2 art school students, I'd met them before, they were kinda in Dee's group of friends and knew we'd been doing a lot of nude modelling recently so asked us if we'd help them out.

I've done a lot of modelling recently which I've spoke about on EP and been doing life modelling for almost 2 years now but I've only tried body painting once before and it was a "fun" experience shall we say, it was for an artist and every time she went near my penis with a paintbrush I kept getting an erection, the first time she laughed it off but I think she was genuinely annoyed at me by the end of the day!

It was quite a big studio we were in and we had it all to ourselves, there were 2 girls - Louise and Heather who were going to be doing the painting and Heather's boyfriend Jason who would be taking photo's. We had a bit of a chat together first and they were all pretty cool then we got straight to it. Me and Dee got naked stood on the sheets that they'd set out for us, at first they basically just covered us in a sandy coloured paint, head to toe! It was really weird, I guess at this point there wasn't much art involved, they chatted away and laughed and joked with us as they lathered the paint all over us, I was able to keep my mind off anything sexual with was good though I felt a breif stirring as Louise spread the paint over my groin area!

After we were covered the more intricate designing started, they were drawing borderlines and writing lattitude coordinates and stuff on us, the idea was a kind of old fashioned map type thing though being a bit steampunky with it. Louise spent most of her time with me, I'm not sure if this was because Heather's boyfriend was there but I wasn't too bothered, they were both pretty good looking girls, Louise was a bit more gothy which I've no aversion too, she wore a black top with a celtic cross on it, a short black skirt and a pair of black and white stripey tights with new rock boots. She had started at my neck and shoulders and worked her way down both my arms, then she started working on my chest and stomach.

Having her bend slightly in front of me as she worked intently on my was great, thankfully she was still happy to chat as she did this, my mind might have started to wander if I'd been stood there in silence. At this point Heather, who was doing a great job on Dee's breasts, suggested Jason start taking some work in progress photo's which he duly obliged. As he photographed Louise painting my body he started asking me how I got into this kind of stuff, we started speaking about some of the jobs we'd done- the naked sushi nights and stuff like that, everyone seemed to think it was cool.

I was slightly worried about where Louise was going next as she knelt in front of me, she started to work on my upper thighs and very slightly into my groin and my pubic bone, Jason caught my eye at this point and kinda smiled at me, I knew what was coming and sure enough out he came with "bet that feels good!", I tried to shrug it off best I could, but unfortunately it seemed to have opened up the conversation. Louise then started telling us about her only previous exeperince of painting a live male model who apparently found it very erotic and kept getting a hard on. 'Feck!' I thought, why did you have to start speaking about that now, I was now involved in a conversation about some guy getting an inappropriate erection whilst Louise dabbed her paint brush over my thighs and legs, thankfully she then said she wouldn't be touching my penis because she understood fluffing and didn't want to go down that road again, I was a little embarrassed but genuinely releived I wouldn't have to do it!

When the painting had finished Jason took his photo's then Louise said to end they wanted to put footprints over our bodies to show as if we'd been walked all over, I assumed she meant just painting them on but apparently not, they wanted us to lay down then they would use dip their feet in paint and press their foot onto our bodies to create the footprints, eh "ok" I said.

They brought trays of paint over and we lay down on the sheets, Dee thought it was all a big giggle, she later confessed to me she found it a bit of a turn on, great, she lies there all giddy and happy and I fight every urge in me to not show I'm aroused by it all. Heather slipped her shoes off and started putting her barefoot in the paint and pressing it onto Dee, it was all very careful, not like she was trampling on her or anything. Louise took her boots off but of course still had her tights on, she seemed shy as she tried her best to take her tights off without anyone noticing, Heather drew attention to her though "Oh are you getting naked too" she said which was just laughed off. After she took her tights off she was barefoot and started to put her footprints all over me, this felt incredible, I have a bit of a foot fetish and was so sure I was going to get a hard on, thankfully I managed to stave it off, looking back at the photo's I don't know how, Having Louise press her foot on my upper things and into my stomach was such a great feeling.

That was the end of the night, me and Dee went to shower together and ended up having sex then and there, it was amazing, We came back into the room where the gorls were packing everything up, I looked over Jasons photo's and they are brilliant, have asked hime to send them on so will get them uploaded as soon as. Bodypainting is a great experience, definitley going to seek out other opprotunities for it.
fenton85 fenton85
26-30, M
May 15, 2012