Family Friend

My parents were friends with another couple. They lived about an hour away, and we would often go visit them on the weekends. They had a nice house, with a pool and a garage that acted as the pool house. They had a daughter a few months older than me and we would play together when ever we visited. This story takes place when we were bouth 13.

Well we were playing in the garage, which had a beat up couch, a tv and a VCR. We found an old ***** tape. I wanted to watch it, but I was also scared of getting caught. The cover had a naked woman on it with a naked man behind her, so you could only see the naughty bits of the woman. Jen said we should put it on.

We put it on, and put the sound down low, but we could still hear it. I was shaking, half from arousal, half from terror of getting caught. We turned it on and sat through the credits and the first scene of set up and talking. It took about 5 long minutes for any sex to happen. I was hard as only a teenager could get. We both sat silent just staring at the movie. We had finished swimming and were still in out bathing suits. She had a two piece, me shorts. It was not hard to see I was excited.

The tension was getting too much. We watched a few scenes and I just wanted to jerk off so bad. I could see she was affected too by her sitting perfecly stil with her hands on her thighs. Her legs were spread a bit.

I was so horny and shy and scared that it was becoming unbearable. She said,
"Look what else is in here." and she found a few condoms in the same drawer that hid the tape. She took them out and showed them to me. I didn't get up, as I didn't want to get embarressed by my hard on. It was noticeable enough without standing up.

She opened it up and looked at it. I was dying, but I didn't dare move.

She was playing with the rubber and she tossed me one. I never held one before so I was pretty interested in it. She asked me if I knew what it was , and I said yes. She asked if I ever used one before, and I said no. She asked if I knew how to use one, and I just said it goes over your ****. She said she knew that, but asked if I knew how to put one on.

I said it just goes on. She said she to show her. I was shocked and said no. She said she wants to see how it goes on. I was turned on but scared at the same time. We both sat there watching a blow job scene for a minute. She said, "Just show me how you put one one."

I hoarsely said, "For real?" She said yes.

I said ok, but sat there, too scared to start.

After a minute she said to go ahead. She sat on her legs facing me. I was shaking and she had to open up my rubber for me. She handed it back to me and in a dose of fear, and excitment, I lifted my *** and pulled down my shorts.

My **** popped right out and she just sat watching me. I put it on my **** head and tried to push the condom down. It wouldn't go. After toying with it, I realised it was on upside down, so I took it off, and put it on the right way. It rolled down smooth . She just said "wow" and we sat there looking at my **** in a condom. She asked if it was tight or hurt and I said it was tight but it didn't hurt.

Without saying anything she reached over and touched it. It felt nice and I was shocked. She pulled away fast saying it felt weird. I sat there for a bit, then I touched it. It did feel weird with a rubber over my ****.

She touched it again and for longer. It didn't take much coaxing, but I came in the rubber. It felt so good. She looked shocked and asked what happened and I told her I came. She said no way, and smiled.

I took it off and she took it from my hand and then dropped it when she felt the ***. She said "eww".

I pulled up my shorts and picked up the rubber and put it in the garbage. She turned off the TV and we talked for a while, sometimes about what just happened, and sometimes avoiding what just happened. After another hour or so, my parents called me to get read to go home.
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Ahhhh, kids - what a wonderful time that was - finding out about yourself and others - and so innocent most of the time