Five Months Of Nudity

I lived in Columbia with an indigenous tribe for 5 months during the summer months of 2012. Being a 21 year-old, conservative raised, male from the United States, I was certainly not used to this level of public nudity. Men wore loin-clothes which were just large enough to cover their genitals and rears while the women were topless, only wearing small clothe skirts. As I arrived, wearing a tshirt, shorts, and shoes, I was informed that I would be required to wear the clothes of the village. For nearly every person there, this was the first time they had ever seen a white man, and therefore had never seen the things that a white man typically wears. I was led to a hut where I was disrobed and given a loin-clothe of my own to wear. Looking down at my pale white skin which had never before seen the light of day, I realized how very out of place I was.
It took me only a couple days to get used to the topless women. I was no longer made nervous by the middle aged or older women, however when a younger girl about my age would come up to talk to me, it was very difficult to fight the urge to look at their usually lush and perky breasts. Eventually I became used to it all, however, it took them much longer to get used to me.
The people of the village did everything in the river. They fish, they swim, they wash their clothes, and they bathe in it. On my first full day in the village, I was asked if I wanted to bathe. I took some of their homemade soap and walked down to the river. I stood at the edge of the water and looked around and saw nobody, so I felt safe to take off my loin-clothe. As I waded butt-naked into the river, I got about to my knees deep and turned around once more to seeing two male silhouettes standing on top of the rock face above the river watching me. I laughed to myself and waved at them, and they excitedly waved back. I got a little deeper and began to soap myself. I looked up again and there were six silhouettes all looking at me. Every time I would stop and look, there were more and more people watching me bathe. Now there were women, old and young lined up, as well as kids. They were all very curious to see what a white man looks like naked and to see my white, circumcised penis. The people of this village did not have any body hair nor any facial hair, so for them to see my black pubic hair was something else to be awed at. They watched me bathe every day for the whole first week I lived there and still even after that, I'd have a few watchers. Every time the young women would swim, they would invite me because the swimming was always done naked.
I have to say that walking around practically naked with other practically naked people as well as skinny dipping every day was one of the best experiences of my life. I terribly miss those times as I walk around in stuffy shirts and pants in the United States, living with uptight individuals too afraid to swim or do anything naked.
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They didn't have ANY body hair?

hahaha, none to speak of!