Inside Out Appreciation

For some of us its just not that easy to connect to people in person as it is here. I like that on EP people see you from the inside out. In real life its the other way around. I am judged by what I wear, my body type, how much money I have and what I have spent it on, my family, my car, my professional success etc... After all that scrutiny its hard to ever find someone to share your time and wisdom.

I feel lucky I can connect with people via this website. I feel like whole person again. Before I began interacting with the EP community I didn't think it was possible to connect to other humans ever again, I thought my time where people were kind, compassionate, understanding and truly interested in someone else's experiences besides their own was no longer available. Gone like the covered wagon. I've learned from being here its not gone. It does still exist. Thank You.
4vrUnique 4vrUnique
2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Thank you fungirlmmm. It would be nice to experience that in real life too.

This is a great place and there are many nice people here and some of us would see you from the inside out even in real life because we were raised in an environment that lead us to choose our friends based on beautiful insides and not just a pretty face or a lot of money. Thanks for sharing the 4vr.