Today I looked out the office window at home to see my boys (11 and 13) wandering around the garden with two dogs, crunching on freshly pulled carrots...Both dogs were keen to get the carrot tops, and followed up closely...munching on whatever the boys chose to shared with them. 

Master 13 found the chocolate mint bush, picked a bit and waved it under Master 11's nose...."Mint Chocolate leaves!"  he exclaimed. 

They paused at the offending broccoli bush, giving it a look of disgust...Roj had picked the last meal of broccoli from that one aphid infected bush/plant and the boys will forever have bad memories of the bugs that their father tried to feed

Soon the boys were hiding in amongest the artichoke clump and calling the dogs to find them...dopey

All the while...I stood at the window and smiled...
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