A Wonderful Thunder Storm.

It was a stifling day. The temperature reached 100 degrees with a 100% humidity. In the distance I could hear thunder.
My husband and I sat together on a wore out couch with our two little doggies sipping sweet tea on our screen porch watching the rain frogs coming out from under the shutters as they were singing for anticipation of the rain.
A quit impressive storm blew in. The mist of the rain was coming through the screen which felt wonderful.
We talked about running out into the rain until the lighting getting closer change our minds.
Mesmerized by the lighting and wind, we stayed on the porch cuddling next to each other enjoying the cool air.
The lightning knock out the power for 3 hours.
It was nearly suppertime, I had taken out ground chuck for meatloaf, but because of the power, that was out.
My husband ran out in the rain to the garage and brought back a propane cook stove, set it up right in front of us on the porch..
He made hamburgers in an iron skillet and put them on the french bread I had sliced. The burgers seem to taste so much better outdoors. It was a very nice sharing the moment with my husband. I am glad the power went out
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My best memories was not backed by money. Thanks for commenting and bringing back that memory that was a year ago..