Wintry Day

Today was the first wintry day we have had for what seems to have been a long time. I love wintry days at home and get quite annoyed if I have to be somewhere else.

Today the wind was howling outside, the sky was grey and the atmosphere was wet and blurry. I sat inside with the fire blazing, work spread out across the kitchen table, books in the arm chair by the fireplace. Bliss.

Then, when I had enough of that I made yummy muffins for the kids when they came home from school too...Mmmmmmm yummy. hot and straight from the oven.

Today was perfect.

Isshe Isshe
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19 Responses Aug 11, 2010

sounds li e aperfect day to stay indoors and not i that white crappy mess called snow lol

i would love to see pix of where you live....

Blowflies all year...

All of those flavours in one muffin? Whew, I'm tired just reading the list!! And nope, soooo not cupcakes :)<br />
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Blowflies??!! At this time of year... you poor thing! I hate those things. Summer and I always seem to have one in the house. Ick!

nope muffins are sooooo not cup cakes! <br />
<br />
lol....I make up my muffins from the top of my mind everytime...this time they were banana, raspberry, chocolate chip, blueberry, coconut and oatmeal, wholemeal muffins :)

we had our share of thunder n lightening yesterday it's getting colder. i think muffins r<br />
<br />
large fairy cakes with a diff. label but nothing beats the smell of baking. what flavour isshe?

Well it's been a strange winter for us...a bit slow to start with.<br />
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I hate that because that means that we get lot of blow flies in the house everyday!

That sounds amazing - a perfect day indeed!<br />
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It's been freezing here quite a bit - weird you havn't had it so much (from the sounds...)

that sounds really bad...yuk!

...yep...a good one...get hold of it !

don't know if it also has to do with how hungry I am how strongly I smell food....could be...<br />
I haven't seen the series 'V' it good? I really love good sci-fi

:-))) thank you Isshe<br />
oh yes i walk by a cinema on my way to work almost every day and some days, often cold days, I can smell popcorn many blocks before

Em...what you describe made me think of the series 'V'...all those aliens stopping and basking in the the glory of Bliss...much like a religious experience.<br />
<br />
Norway! Wow...what an amazing pleased to have a Norwegian friend! <br />
<br />
Ooooo I think you could be must be out bodies craving all that high energy food! lol

by the way here where I live when it is sun most people stand entranced in the light and warmth of it, with eyes closed and heads tilted back...and after months with almost no sunlight it is almost a religious experience to feel the sun on your skin...intense joy

I live in a city by the coast in Norway! yes quite different I believe.... yes I love the contrast in weather, how I've sometimes seen whole seasons go by in a few hours, from dark soggy rain where the whole environment seem to almost dissolve in large glistening streams, to cold light snow, until suddenly everything is completely drowned in sunlight.. and I love how that sunlight coming on so sudden seems to be almost stronger and more intense than the normal sunlight...

sounds very different to where I live...I live close to the outback in Australia...there are few wet wintry when it happens, I love it! Unless of course i happen to have to be outside all day.<br />
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Isn't it amazing how sunlight changes everything??!

Ooh the way you describe it it sounds like heaven... I live in a place where most of the months have days that are wet and blurry, it's almost like a permanent silvery greyness lying on my eyes..then suddenly the sun will almost break out of the clouds pressing it away and the whole world is completely changed, as light and shade play around on the surfaces and shapes everything, turning it inside out

Wintry day in August !!!!!!! I'll stick with the desert thank you.

Ooooo and they were so good today! Master 11 give me the strangest look when I told him what flavour they were...raspberry, choc chip, coconut, banana, blueberry, oatmeal Muffins! lol<br />
<br />
But he must have decided that he liked them cos he ate two monster ones<br />
<br />