Birthday Wishes......

Actually I want to share a few things.......

Yesterday was my 25th (hee hee..... not!) birthday.  It is the first birthday in so many years that I didn't spend crying
from emotional pain and wishing for the day to finally be over. That's how I use to spend my birthdays when I was married to my EX.

Yesterday, my day started with the phone call from "W" wishing me a Happy Birthday.  Then I receive a text with a picture of him
smiling and holding a sign that reads "Happy Birthday".   How a simple gesture can mean so much!  It brought me to tears.
I forgot what it felt like to have someone in your life (besides your family and friends) that loved you so much that they
would do anything from sun up to sun down to make you feel so special.....EVERYDAY!  All day he kept saying....
"I just want you to be happy today." After work, I arrive home to find a dozen beautiful roses with a card that reads....."these flowers pale
in comparison to the most beautiful flower in the meadow."  From 500 miles away, "W" had done something that my Ex wouldn't and couldn't
do for me.  Make me smile and be happy that it's my birthday.

My daughter is spending the entire week with her father.  She came home just for one night so she can spend my birthday with me. I'm a stickler
for keeping commitments and keeping routines.  I was suppose to be part of an evening literacy event but I refused and I allowed
her to blow off her swim team practice.  We sat had a  nice long dinner....just the two of us.  It was wonderful to have a leisurely dinner during the week
where we weren't running around like a bunch of lunatics.  We sat there and talked, and talked and talked. It felt wonderful.  I'm beginning to feel
like the "old" us is slowly coming back.

As for my friends and other family......I'm blessed that they always make me feel loved and special....I couldn't live without them.  However,
most of them need singing lessons!!!! LOL!!!

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1 Response Oct 21, 2010

Awwe..... Glad that you had a good birthday!!!!