Sharing With A Purpose.

One simple thing, though not from my real life, but I will in time do that too. Today it's the simple act of typing in my password for ep and being here, sharing in stories with friends. Reading what others have to say, and knowing that I always have a place to escape to even just for 5 mins, before the call of children brings me back. :)

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12 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Maybe Sylph should continue flying away...and let you two continue... ;)

Awww...I heard you, Lilly...just trying to rid myself with this expanding foam...are you sure it's a trail of fairy dust and not the foam? ? ?

One of my great pleasures today has been seeing Lilly on EP, and seeing you enjoy life. You deserve it, Lilly.

Aaaahhhhh!!! *flies away to Neverland away from Queensland* LOL I was reading your banters in Gazza's could be the three musketeers in that story! ;)

You can't do that because I'm off to the swimming pool to do water aerobics! You will just have to take it and grin. Actually don't grin because that implies that you have your mouth open and it would be terrible to get some of that foam in your mouth! lol.

LMAO!!! <br />
But Sylph shields herself behind WG!

It's not so much an escape to me, but it def is what everyone else describes. <br />
<br />
It's beautiful to be sharing and expressing yourself and then actually find that dozens of people appreciate it! <br />
<br />
Ep is great<br />
<br />
I love you guys.

Spring is right...this is our diary...a talking diary with *crazy* friends.........that I will never find anywhere else. Whew! ;)<br />
<br />
But an expanding foam??? LOL LadyA...too funny! :D And Lilly and WG are copying it...too funny!!!

OooOOo, I like that metaphor Analy (opps) LadyA. I'm going to steal that one!

Can't say that I'm any better.

I can very much identify with this :)

I identify with this so much. EP is a wonderful place. Simple. Hmmm, not so sure, but definitely a place to come to find my true friends :)