There is a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition that I learned about when I moved up to Maryland... on Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras day, or the day before Ash Wednesday, whatever you want to call it, they eat Fastnachts.  They're basically donuts without holes that the women make to use up all the yummy fats and sugars you aren't supposed to eat over Lent.  There is a wonderful little bakery up here, tucked away in an alley, and everyone goes there today to get their Fastnachts for tomorrow.  The little alley is packed with cars all day and the little bakery is packed with people.  And everyone is so polite and wait their turns and slide around so everyone can squeeze in out of the snow.  They don't sell anything but Fastnachts today and it is just the nicest tradition.  So I was there this afternoon getting my Fastnachts and I can't wait to eat them tomorrow!

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Fastnachts comes from 'Vastenavond' or 'Vasten Nacht' which means fasten evening or night. It used to be an evening and night without food in Flanders (Belgium) and Holland.

What a great image - I can just smell them now :)

We have pancake day, which is the same idea, but we make a British version of the French crepes, rolled up and served with lemon juice and sugar. Fantastic

Hey, I've heard about something similar from touchofspring. She's Polish and loves the polish version.

i bought two cinnamon and two powdered. If my daughter doesn't get home from work, they may not make it until tomorrow. <br />
Everyday should be Fastnacht day!

I've never tried the cinnamon! I usually get glazed but this year I tried the powdered. I'll remember cinnamon for next year!

My coworker said she would bring some into work tomorrow. I hope she remembers..<br />
My favorite is cinnamon.

They really are delicious! Nothing like a cute little bakery for yummy things!

I am soooooooo jealous!!!! I buy them every year but their from our local market. Not nearly as good I'm sure. <br />
It's been a long tradition in my family and my daughter looks forward to it every year. <br />
Enjoy two for me!