Some Days Are Harder Than Others.

Again today it was being outside in the garden, but this time in the evening.  The air smelt rich and warm from the heat of the day, and there were noises coming from the eucalpytus trees - galahs settling down for the night and the crickets warming up their legs in chorus. 

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10 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Oh thanks Queen :) I really love being outside early or late in the day. Yes, I'm from Australia. How about you?

You're words are so descriptive, I just love reading what you have to say :)<br />
<br />
Are you from Australia?

Hmmmm, yeah *puts finger on chin and ***** head to the side* , I think you'd look good as part of the garden too. You can never have too many fairy sculptures ;) Actually perhaps you could be holding your violin and a hat for a money collect. I think people would really dig that! And besides it could be a great way to make a bit of money using your violin ;) *ducks*

LOL ! ! ! ;) By the time I finish sculpting anything here, I'll be an Ice Fairy. ;)

I've said it once, I've said it twice and I'll say it again...I reckon all you guys with snow should get out there and sculpt yourselves a garden, I think that that would be sooooo cool. You could stick all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes out there in patterns to get covered in white, white snow and it would be fantasitc. You know how it is - white is the thing that will tie it all together. Gawd, let it snow here!

I still have snow...damn too many snow...all over... :(

I think you should ship some over to me, - minus the weed seeds thanks :)

Jo - I can imagine! lol.<br />
<br />
Emerald - manure has a ssweet smell about it that is sorta pleasant ;) At least you would have a very fertile garden :)

The garden always peaceful... it's raining here (these represent IIIIII the umbrellas shooting up,<br />
imagine their tops..)<br />
I will have to think about this one :).

Crickets seem to be everywhere in the world. I guess they are different species but it is interesting that they have all evolved to make a very similar noise by rubbing their hind legs together huh? I wonder if Polish crickets could understand Aussie crickets? :)