Very Simple

A little while ago my 22 pound fur ball Muffy jumped up on my desk between me and my monitor wanting some attention. As I petted him he looked at me with an expression of sheer bliss...

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Yap, you're absolutly right....I have the girls but a good thing I have my little Kiki.....wish I still had my cat though, miss him....look so much like Muffy. : )

Thanx Sophie, In the absence of a human lover kitties somehow fill the gap. cute!.....I remember my "gros minou" doing this....brings back good memories, thanks for sharing! : )

all I can say is Awwww! I Love cats!

You savored the moment! <br />
<br />
Right on!

Cats are the nicest people!!!!!

I keep hoping to one day experience that with a woman. I've read stories yet never experienced it.

Thus my story...

I find that most animals are better than most of the people I know! Kinda sad isn't it!

Thank you, I savored the moment.

very, endearing....

So true....