Just A Message

You know how it is.

The mornings you just don't want to open your eyes and get off the bed, simply because there is nothing to look forward to. Instead there are only things you want to run away from but must face...

It was one of those mornings.

I got off the bed and felt dread descending on me.

And then the phone beeped.

"Hey, Scary Smurf, greetings from LA!"

At that point I was already smiling. It was nice to actually get his message when I was awake already - he usually sent it earlier, due to our time difference and also to annoy me. Grr.

He left a lot of empty lines so I scrolled down hoping for a romantic message, even though I knew better. LOL

Sure enough, what I found was a grinning face and all upper case: WAKE UP!!!

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17 Responses Feb 18, 2010

LOL Kiwis!<br />
<br />
Yeah, that kind of thing... They pop back into your life when you least expect them.

I took a picture of my kiwis with a cell phone and sent it out to all my friends. They ended up posted all over the internet. I'll never make that mistake again!

Naaahhh.. that I don't do. I'm running for President in the future so no way.<br />
<br />
Hmm.. I take it you're talking from personal experience?

Just don't send any nudey pics. Those always tend to come back to haunt you, somehow... ; )

LOL Nice wake up call, 8Foot!<br />
<br />
Wake up, Amyyy...! 'Else I'll try and find my cymbals!

Oh..heh that made me smle too:) hugs

My wife just rolled over and stuck her feet in my face and ordered me to rub them - ahh what a wake up that was...<br />
<br />
Ok green tea latte to get the morning going...

Hahahahaha.. Teddy Gram eh? You gave me ideas. Maybe I should arrange for the Chippendale dancers to greet him when he comes home :D

June bug u both are so romantic..LOL if u read mine u would stick to the sUgA! LOL<br />
send a Teddy gram :O) Mmm somethin always better then nothin! **~~***~~~

It does, Lordie :) Thanks, Lulahoop! Love the username, by the way ;)<br />
<br />
True, Dan, and if I couldn't I'm going to consult you! Paco, it did :)

Funny and uplifting to your day...<br />

Cute.<br />
I am sure you will think of a good one.

haha nice ;)

So lovely. I hope that makes your day.

Hahahahahahaha.. 'lovely'.<br />
<br />
I'm still scheming. I probably am going to be lovey dovey to the max and freak him out, LOL

That's lovely :) What are you going to do to get him back???

Hahahaha.. It's still a contest between us as to who's the more mischievous.<br />
<br />
I do hope your day is bright, tOs!!!