:) :) :)

feeling my friends baby kick for the first time :)

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
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nope that one was preemptive for no you lose. So i win!

hahahaha wooot<br />
<br />
i so won this round


well..... i think u need a hug!!!!<br />
<br />

oh yes i did! <br />
<br />
and it is ok i don't like to be kicked like you do.

OH NO U DIDNT!!!<br />
<br />
imma kick ur butt lol


lol so am i!!!!

I am so cool

lmfao omg

so i am fat and through my foot you felt my kick... same thing!

lol my friend is pregnant. and through her belly i felt the baby kick lol

How is it my fault that you like being kicked?! blame a guy for helping..

lol whatever u antagonize me to do so!

Only because you like to do it so much!

lol hahaha no need to. we argue all the time lmfao

Cool :)<br />
<br />
Oh wait, I just read the previous comments - I'm getting out of the waaaaay!!



Oh yes i did!

oh no u didnt lol

kicks ferret*


What? you got happy from being kicked.. I just thought i would be a good friend and kick you too.. jeez!

that was so uncalled for lol

Well shoot if i knew that is what you liked id of just kicked you myself!