Roller Coaster Day

Today has been a day of highs and a day of lows...  but a simple act that happened this morning made me smile.  My mother has a foreign exchange student living with her that has major food allergies.  But today is my birthday and the sweet young lady braved using milk and eggs (items that could make her experience a deadly reaction) to make me a birthday cake. 

I thought it was one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever done for me. .......  and the cake is delicious!!!!

silentwellofsorrow silentwellofsorrow
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

thanks perseverer! It was a good day- some high points and low points... but overall, I good day. My family took me out to eat Mexican last night so I got to experience the whole sombrero, fried ice cream, and being sung to in Spanish scenario! It was a blast!

How very kind, and what a great idea - to immortalize such a precious act! Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a really terrific one.