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I drive a small school bus.  On one of the morning runs, I transport seven pre-school and kindergarten children who live in a very large district.  These little guys are on the bus for close to an hour!  I definitely needed a bus aide, so I enlisted the help of my daughter, Mary.  She's doing an accelerated Masters of Education degree, k-6.  She's swamped with heavy course work now, plus observes at three different elementary schools but badly needs pocket money.  So this quick little job is a perfect solution for both of us. 

The kids are enrolled in two developmental classes.  Joseph is autistic, can be very excitable, holding Mary's hand soothes him..  Little Maddy  likes to recite her favorite picture book stories over and over, she knows them all by heart.  Mary does now too, since Maddy assigns her every other line to say.  Janvi is non verbal, but very vocal.  Mary listens attentively, attuned to every outcry, ready to respond to slight changes in tone.  Teeni is a gossip and Mary is her best friend on the bus, they catch up with each other.  Teeni wants to know everything, with details!   The other three are rough and tumble boys, all good buddies.  They mostly need seat belts latched, shoes tied, noses wiped, back packs secured, and snowy hats and mittens and lunches rescued from under seats.  Trust me, this is one bustling bus ride!  Attention must be paid!

What I want to share is what I saw this morning at a red light stop. In my overhead mirror, I saw my daughter's face and, simply put, I saw the face of  joy.  She was loving every minute of it.  And I knew then what is so good for every mother to know.  My daughter is on the road to exactly where she belongs.

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Thanks, Des. And thanks for commenting so I could reread it too! Last year was the best!

Beautiful! Nothing better than being where u belong; living in your purpose, your destiny...

Thank you for sharing this!

Vicky, if I told the truth, I'd have to say I more often fall on the grouchy side lately. But if you mean happy for her, oh yes.<br />
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winne, Grandbabies! Grandbabies! From your lips to her intended's heart!<br />
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Paco, Your welcome. this group's title was my prompt. Try it too! You'll like it! This is a great group.<br />
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Faucon, yes it was, and writing about it was almost as good.<br />
<br />
Mad, thank you for the nice comment.<br />
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Tas, Hooray for us! LOL! I'd love to read your story in this group someday too. Whoever started it had a wonderful idea.<br />
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Lilt, your son will make a good living, enough to secure a family, by crafting beauty with his artistry and presenting it to the world! Three cheers for him...and his musician's union! ; ) <br />
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Frito, this has been an eye opener for me. I showed my daughter, she smiled, then asked me why I never say I am proud of her in real life! One of those wake up and smell the coffee moments, believe me!

Very nice story. Not only does it seem your daughter is 'on the road...exactly where she belongs' but you too, love those children and have in your own way found the road. . Thanks for sharing a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. <br />

This is a wonderful celebratory story. Three cheers for you being a great mum and three cheers for your daughter for taking the right road and loving it!

I'm always a sucker for these happy ever after stories. Good one, Annie.<br />
It sounds like you have a bus load of inspiration and challenges. How cool that you can share that with your daughter. You raised a smart and compassionate young woman.<br />
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One of my sons is majoring in classical music performance. I've actually had people ask me if it worries me that he may not make a lot of money. That is absurd. Knowing my son is pursuing his passion and will live a happy life, couldn't make this Mom prouder. So I know exactly the face you saw on the bus :-)

I love this story! Reading and enjoying it is what I most enjoyed this morning...thanks so much for such a tender, loving, happy story LilAnnie! :)

I just did a very 2010 thing. She's on the other side of the room, asleep on the sofa with her laptop...I sent her the link to the story in an email...so where's my jetpack? I thought we were suppose to be able to fly by now.

LOL Chances are you'll tear her up!<br />
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True, many things fun with EP but stories are still the best.

Newday, Lilt said it a while back,,,,EP isbest in the stories. I agree. The tomfoolery is great, the questions are fun, Politics are stimulating. the blogs are good, but the stories are really where the EP rubber hits the road<br />
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June, ok, your comment made me brave, I'm going to show this story to my daughter. Betcha it rates me a hug!

Oh my God... This is one of the best stories I've ever read on EP. Thanks for sharing it, Annie.<br />
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It's something we might take for granted but the presence of loved ones around us at any given time is so precious. I'm glad your daughter's enjoying the work!

This is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to EP. Thanks Annie

I grin back at you, Raven. A brother of the road!

Little Janvi might have a very long letter designation that simply means we don't know, called Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified or PDD NOS. It is a true and legal designation often tacked onto the autism spectrum, but not always. I love people in education. I drove a summer bus in Ohio for a day camp but had to learn the rules of the road and get the School Bus Driver's lic. I've been an aid, a substitute, a Special Educator and am working on the MSE in Special Ed. now. There is JOY, I like the High Schoolers best, less maintance for most of them (shoes and such, behaviors, ) gotta love 'em. Love to you and your daughter and that wonder bus load! Smiles all around.

Thank you, Lucky. And I wish the same for you, to be happy in your work is as good as it gets.

That sounded beautiful and i am glad you shared. <br />
I even more glad that your daughter is happy. <br />
<br />
Cheers for you!

Ha! I'll pit the insulting abilities of a bus load of eighth grade boys against the most staunch right wingers anyday! My money's on the boys coming out ahead!

Beautiful story, Annie. And nice to get a glimpse into your family and life. Your daughter sounds gifted. And how nice that it brings her joy. I have often thought school bus drivers who still like kids are superheroes. No wonder you are so dedicated to trying to get the political discussions to be polite and respectful. Which group is harder to teach the rules to?

No, Bisou, I'm sorry, I don't. She is very musical. all her vocalizations almost have different octaves! She rocks back and forth, so rhythm is involved too. It would be so outside my bounds to ask questions like that of her parents or teachers and they don't volunteer information. My daughter will be taking special ed courses next year so doesn't venture a guess either.

I'm going to call up that ex<x>pression on her face in my mind's eye till the day I die.

Sorry but do you know what janvis "specialty" is? <br />
It sounds like my brother but we never got a diagnosis. <br />
I don't know if you know..