Give It And You Shall Get It!

I had to go to a bank today. After work I noticed a bank over the street. I went in pressed the button to get a number: 187! and the 65 was called!!!

No way! I thought I should wait till my number is called...after about 20 minutes the number 100 was called...I got bored and wanted to leave the bank. On the way out, I saw a man. I gave my number to him and smiled. He smiled, too and thanked me.

When I reached my home's district, I noticed another bank and tried my chance to see if it was busy....the bank was full with people, I got dissapointed...I went to get a number, anyway. Before I reached the button for number, sb said: "Sir, here u are!" he gave me a number: 308 . I looked around to see which number's turn it was: 298 !!! I smiled to the man and thanked him so much!

(I hope you can understand my story, I am sorry I could not explain it better)

dreamer1985 dreamer1985
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6 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Good things happen to all of us!<br />
<br />
Have a good day today!!!!!

Gd Karma!! XD

I understood exactly! What goes around comes around!! That's awesome! I like stories like that.

I got it. =)<br />
<br />
Pretty sweet, exactly why life is beautiful; and all of us in it are too!

Yes, it's clear, my friend. That was pretty cool!

yes it is clear. it sounds like a karmic experience. i love that.