Dreamily floated in a pool watching a storm build up in the sky above.

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Not even, WG. There's a different site for the skating rink, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor pool just stays closed until summer. So it gets crazy for the indoor pool...lots of people. My good swim days would have to be in the morning. Otherwise, it is so difficult to do laps in the afternoon towards evening. We need another indoor pool.

Do you use it as a ice-skating venue!?

I still have snow...melting...but it's still there. If I look up floating in the indoor pool here, I only see flags and banners.The outdoor pool still has snow. :(<br />
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Love your one liner, WG. It says it all. :)

Glad you are enjoying the sun. I did this morning :)

LW - or when the footy club are having a training session! They do that stupid running up and down the lanes thing and take up too much room! THEN, when they have had enough they all stand at the end of the lanes and chat about footy - NO consdieration at all! Funny. the last time they stood chatting, not leaving any space at the wall to do a proper turn, I felt like grabbing them where it counts (!) and then doing a push off where it would really hurt them....I wasn't brave enough! lol

huh? Nooooo. Couldn't be! Oh well, we'll get you a wet suit with rubber wings attachments ;) Then when you are feeling angro you can velco them together to make a sharks fin! lol

Wings in or out?

Faucon , I think you and I would enjoy each others company in silence :)<br />
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Lilly, there is no greater one than you!<br />
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Lady A - wetsuit dear?

It was an outdoor pool - solar heated as it happens but not necessary at this time of year...


This sounds so beautiful, thanks for sharing it

TM - good but would be better if you told me one simple thing that you enjoyed each day - please? And yes, do you ever swim at indoor swimming pools on your journeys?<br />
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Thanks Jo.

Poetically expressed WG, a few words do create an impact:)

You need to go for a swim, TM.