Good Times...

Honestly, it might seem stupid to some people but I really enjoyed feeding my pet lizard today. I've had him for 2 months now and he seems to be really used to me and friendly with me. Today I was feeding him crickets (his normal food) and he didn't appear to want anymore but since he's going through a shed I wanted him to eat a bit more.. So I was coaxing him with the cricket... Which trust me folks is not any fun.. He still didn't want it. So I decided to give him a mealworm (gross I know but consider it like a chocolate bar for humans, dessert) He ran after that thing and ate it immediately.. So I coaxed him with the cricket again. He seemed to not want it. So then I made it clear to him visually that I was putting the mealworm container away.. He ate the cricket and then I fed him another mealworm... After that he gave me this look (I swear if a lizard could give a look like "Aren't you gunna give me more?" Then that would be it. I laughed so hard! And then of course I gave him 4 more mealworms... I think that its cool that he's smart enough to try and manipulate me. My pets always make me happy =) 

Freebird6 Freebird6
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

I've thought about getting one, is it a huge responsibility? or is it fairly easy to pick up on the do's and don'ts?